Últimos vídeos

Bias, grupp C

Oct 13, 2015 17:05

Våran video om bias. Ett projekt genom Linnéuniversitetet.

Emperi - Familjen Göransson

Oct 13, 2015 17:05

Emperi betyder att man iaktar, observerar och att man bygger erfarenheter om något.

Quality Method - Grupp G

Oct 13, 2015 17:05

A story that explains what quality method is!

An animated stickman discussion on hypothesis

Oct 13, 2015 17:05

An animated stickman discussion on hypothesis. In this video three different persons (stickman) are having a discussion on how to make a proper hyp...


Oct 13, 2015 17:05

Plot: This is a story about a scientist who want to measure how much a newborn baby weights, but can't it right. His collegue notice a flaw with the baby used in the experiment and therefore refuse to validate it. Luckily she manage to get a hold on a another baby wich helps them successfully accoplish the experiment.   ...

Reliabilitet - Group B

Oct 13, 2015 17:05

A talk show who bexplain the meaning of Reliability

Grupp D - Kvantitativ metod

Oct 13, 2015 17:04

En film om kvantitativa metoder.

Group E - Ockhams Razor

Oct 13, 2015 17:04

Ockham's Razor, by group E. Characters: William Ockham, monks. Setting: Castle, exterior, England, 1307. Jesper Bonnevier, Petri Teeri, Emil Friman, Louise Johansson


Oct 13, 2015 17:04

Grupp F om Pseudovetenskap

Peer review

Oct 13, 2015 17:03

This is a video regarding Peer review by Group J.